The State must provide general emergency response services, and companies also have a legal obligation to respond immediately to any event related to their facilities, activities, materials and products that may affect the life or well-being of each one of the people in the organization or in its areas of influence. In some territories, external aid may arrive late or arrive without the necessary capacities to address the crisis, which can lead to greater damages and losses. For this reason, every business needs to provide the knowledge, skills, and resources to be able to react quickly, safely, and effectively to the risks, incidents, and accidents that its location, infrastructure, and activities can cause until external help arrives. Not having the right capacities increases the risks of human, economic, legal, public image losses and business continuity in general. This is how we help them strengthen those capacities:
Following technical standards and good AHA, ILCOR, NFPA, AUI practices and other corresponding ones. With certification.
In Risk Management, Business Continuity to the Emergency Management Committees and Emergency Brigades, depending on the legal responsibilities, the operational needs that arise from the risk diagnoses and their Occupational health system, and observing the specific regulations for each case. With certification.
We support companies in the planning, revision, selection, acquisition, replacement, and training for the safe and effective use and maintenance of their equipment for emergency response, according to legal obligations and operational needs arising from the company’s risk and SG – SST diagnoses.
Re-adaptation of facilities for risk management, and better post-impact response and recovery capabilities.